RELATIONSHIPS OPEN DOORS is a sequel to the author’s first book JUMP IN AND START SWIMMING, which was written to help college students to get jobs during the recent recession.  Students and parents who read his first book, requested Mr. Naughton to elaborate on what techniques he employed to obtain a career(s) and then become extremely successful in those careers.

This book contains valuable information on his most important technique, building relationships and networking, it is a skill that EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT WILL NEED TO MASTER IN ORDER TO OBTAIN A CAREER! It is written in a text book fashion with several takeaways at the end of each chapter.

This is sage advice for all new Sales/Marketing trainees to help jump start their careers.  The author allows you the reader a window to watch and learn, as he takes you back with him more than 30 years to the beginning.  This is not a book based on theory, but rather a step by step guide to show you how learned and developed the import skill of “relationship building”.

He suggests you read JUMP IN AND START SWIMMING first, followed by this sequel. Both are listed on Amazon and Barnes Noble Paperback $6.99, also available as eBooks on Kindle and Nook - $2.99

Finally, also at the requests of students, he published a job guide based on his own employment experience, JOB AND CAREER ASSISTANCE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS AND RECENT GRADUATES. Available only as an eBook Kindle and Nook - $1.99

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