In the future I plan on  publishing fiction stories and occasionally I will display books by close friends. 

Currently my books are intended to teach or entertain or both.  

  • “Jump in and Relationships were designed for college students and grads.”  

For now they also are parts of my over all memoir and are part of my “Live Forever” project described below.

BABY BOOMERS and others who want to learn the  Secret of  “HOW TO LIVE FOREVER”

I discovered this “secret” as a result of being asked to speak to juniors and seniors at URI after the ‘09 stock and job market crash.   Instead of writing a speech, I ended up combining a description of my unique career with a memoir that I was working on for my grandchildren at the time of URI’s request.

After retiring, I decided to provide my grandchildren with some family history including the hardships and obstacles that we had to deal with along with information on my careers..  My parents came through Ellis Island during the Great Depression with nothing but the clothes on their backs.    I named the book after a saying that my mother often quoted. Jump In and Start Swimming ( Amazon, Barnes & Noble and my books website -

So how do you live FOREVER?   Like you, I have read about various suggested lifestyles and herbal supplements that the gurus have offered.  So far I haven't seen any proof that they work.

It occurred to me that once my book received a CopyRight certificate from the government ($50.00, easily done online) and was electronically uploaded for sale at Amazon ($75.00 that it would be available forever).

Note: If you ok with just publishing your story as an electronic book (ebook), Amazon Kindle (KDP) will allow you to publish your story for FREE!    

That's right, my descendants and yours, a hundred years from now will be able to read about us and our family's life, not from a stranger's perspective, but from our own writing.

I know what your thinking: “This is going to be complicated.” Actually, it's not. Each of us will have unique stories we might want to preserve. I have several stories (books). With 2 more in the works. My most recent - Heaven Sent - is only about 25 pages.

Maybe your father was in the Vietnam War or owned his own business or your mother has a story you would like to preserve.     Just write it down the same as if you were telling it to a friend or relative.  It's that simple.    

For example,  my childhood friend was born in England. I knew this growing up. I just didn’t know the story until we were both much older. 

Briefly, my friend's father was a 19-year-old paratrooper with the 509 Infantry Airborne Regiment during World War II.  He saw a lot of action in Anzio and other major battles. (My friend  might or might not want to elaborate on the action his father saw, when he writes this story down). He was flown to England south of London which was being heavily bombed by the Germans at the time.  The US had a hospital base near Portsmouth.  While his dad was recuperating, he met a volunteer English nurse who took care of him.   A romance blossomed and my friend was conceived.  His dad realized that the bombing was now spreading down the coast toward Portsmouth as he was getting ready to reunite with the 509, so he decided to move his bride and newborn son via a returning troop ship to relatives in the US.  Not easy, as the German U Boats were lurking nearby.  There's more, but you get the drift. This is definitely a story that should be preserved FOREVER.  

If you have questions, feel free to email me -

My book website is can read a description of each story there or at

All of my books in addition to offering business and career advice, or providing entertainment, tell a story of my or my family's life that will surely live FOREVER

I am available for speaking engagements Colleges, High Schools, Clubs, Senior Centers, Retirement Conventions and anyone who wants to LIVE FOREVER!

My newest story Heaven Sent will be released soon. The Greatest, late Spring, hopefully.

Again, these are also life stories that will LIVE FOREVER!  You can do the same with your own personal or family story.  Don’t worry about the length.   If it turns into a novel great if its 4 or 5 pages so be it!

Just write it as if you were telling it to me over a cup of coffee and read my introductions on my book website Key Publishing

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