THE GREATEST: Adventures of a Baby Boomer


My meeting and running with Muhammad Ali in June 1970, after graduation.

How I got a job with an ex Steeplejack who was in the Witness Protection Program (because of his young 21 yr old son). Building a two story electric warehouse and supply store on Cape Cod with the Steeplejack and another college kid. (Its still standing!!).

This,  plus many other crazy adventures, culminating with Muhammad’s (out of the ring for almost 3 years) heavyweight match with “Fighting Irish“ Jerry Quarry.

Great example, for anyone contemplating  writing down a  short personal or family LIFE FOREVER story.

My LIVE FOREVER stories, in addition to making sure my grandchildren and their grandchildren have the opportunity to learn about selected events during my life, in my own words.  I also offer some of them to the public, especially to graduates to help inspire employment ideas.  The rest are for entertainment for those who enjoy true, nonfiction, stories  especially Baby Boomers.